Best 3d Printer Under 2000

Looking for an affordable 3D printer? Check out our buyer’s guide to the best budget 3D printers priced under $200, $300, $500, and $1000.

For the last five years we’ve invested in the 3D printing world, using as many printers as we can to see what is good and what is bad. We all know that printing can be expensive — there are machines out there that start at $3,000 and go up from there — so we want you to have some idea of what you can get for cheaper. When it comes to value and quality you can’t beat the Prusa i3 MK3. While it isn’t the cheapest of the machines on this list, it is easily the best quality in terms of build and print.


I’ve been playing with 3D printers for a long time now, sometimes professionally, sometimes as a hobby, but always on a budget. If I knew what I know now when I started this hobby I would have chosen the Prusa i3 as my first foray into 3D printing, but because I didn’t I got to try some other fun printers too.

The Prusa MK3 is a powerhouse of variety, allowing you to print with almost any material possible, with multiple colors – this is an optional upgrade and costs about $300 so be sure that’s what you want first – and with a speed and accuracy rivaled by none other at this price range on the market. I love this printer, I really do, it never fails to make a wonderful print for me time and again, largely due to the clever fail-safes built in.

Best 3D Printers Under $300

15 — Monoprice Select Mini V2 — Best 3D Printer For $200 (and some change)

You’ll notice more than one Monoprice 3D printer appears on this list, and that’s simply because they’re all so good. Monoprice create printers that work reliably, and keep the price down by not including anything you don’t strictly need. The result, a functional printer for just over $200 that’s perfect for beginners.

We could have included the original Select Mini Pro — available here for $199 if you are interested — and sold the fact that it costs less than $200, but we felt the Select Mini V2 was the better choice. This is because it comes with 3D printer models installed, comes with 3D printer filament, and is small enough to fit on any desktop. These make it the perfect inexpensive 3D printer for those new to 3D printing.

The only drawback is its small build area — but those new to 3D printing (or those with little house space!) it shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

14 — Anet A8 — 3D Printer Under $200!

Anet are a Chinese 3D printer manufacturer who took the Prusa kit model and created their own low cost FDM 3D printer. Whilst retaining the heated bed and the ability to print ABS and PETG, as well as Nylon PVA, Wood, and PP, the Anet A8 only costs around $160 — compared to around $1,000 for the Prusa if you buy it assembled.

This cheap 3D printer is reliable for the low price. With a minimum layer size of 100 microns, the Anet A8 offers decent quality for the low price, too. Though it is $100 more than the STARTT, the Anet A8 offers a far larger print volume, at 220 x 220 x 240 mm. Overall, it’s another fantastic yet cheap 3D printing option.

cheap 3d printer anet a8 kit
The Anet A8 is a highly rated DIY 3D printer kit, and a reliable cheap 3D printer.

13 — Creality Ender 3

Chinese manufacturer Creality don’t just make the CR-10, but also the Ender 3, another fantastic yet inexpensive 3D printer. It’s cheaper than the CR-10, and has a smaller maximum build volume of 220 x 220 x 250 mm, but there are many similarities in design and print quality.

For the low price, you get a lot of clever technology when you buy this 3D printer. Firstly, it’s been upgraded so it can resume printing after a power cut, as well as small updates to improve the 3D printer extruder so it doesn’t clog as much. Overall, the Ender 3 is another affordable 3D printer that works consistently.

best cheap low cost 3d printer creality ender 3

12 — ELEGOO Mars

The first resin 3D printer on our cheap printer list, you may have seen us praising on one of our other 3D printer rankings before. It simply shouldn’t be as good as it is for such a low price. Thank LCD 3D printing, the innovative new resin printing technology that allows you to get the precision of SLA at FDM prices, which the Elegoo Mars does wonderfully.

  • Elegoo also sell some of the cheapest resins on the market, at around $35 per liter. You can buy them here.

As for accuracy, the minimum XY accuracy you can achieve with the Elegoo Mars is 47 microns — very precise. It’s got a 2K LCD projector and comes with CHITUBOX slicer built especially for resin printing. Overall, it’s a fantastic printer for such little investment — an almost unthinkably cheap price for a resin printer — and good 120 x 68 x 155 mm build volume.

elegoo mars cheap 3d printer resin lcd
The ELEGOO Mars cracks the market as an LCD printer priced at just over $200.

11 — Monoprice MP Maker Select

Monoprice are an FDM 3D printer manufacturer from the USA who have been hard at work making 3D printers since 2002. Their most recent cheap 3D printer is the Maker Select, costing just $259. The Maker Select is a dual extruder 3D printer, capable of printing two colors or materials simultaneously.

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— the 3DSourced Team

Offering a minimum layer thickness of 100 microns, the Maker Select is an accurate yet cheap 3D printer. It weighs in at just 20 pounds, and is small enough to fit wherever it’s put. In terms of 3D printer filaments, the Maker Select can print a fairly wide range, including ABS, PLA, PET, PVA, and HIPS due to its heated plate. With a print volume of 200 x 200 x 180 mm, the Maker Select is a versatile and reliable 3D printer which is perfect for beginners or educating children in 3D printing.

best cheap 3d printer monoprice maker select
The Monoprice Maker Select is one of the best cheap 3D printers around.

10 — XYZprinting Da Vinci Mini

One of the cheapest 3D printers on our list, the Da Vinci Mini is another highly rated and inexpensive 3D printer made by XYZprinting. Designed to be simple to use and print small objects quickly, the Da Vinci Mini has a minimum layer thickness of 0.1mm and retails at just $189!

The Taiwanese company has been making waves in the industry for some time, creating some of the best low-priced FDM 3D printers of the last few years. The Da Vinci Mini is no exception, combining its decent 150 x 150 x 150 mm print volume with adequate quality in a great 3D printer for children or beginners.

best cheap 3d printer da vinci mini xyzprinting
The Da Vinci Mini by XYZprinting is another great cheap 3D printer.

Part 2: Best 3D Printer Under $500

9 — Creality CR-10 — One of the best low-cost 3D printers for 2020

There’s a reason the Creality CR-10 keeps popping up in our year-end ‘best of’ lists every year — it’s fantastic! (This includes our complete guide to the 20 best 3D Printers 2020.) This reliable, inexpensive 3D printer is made by Chinese manufacturer Creality and is a great DIY 3D printer which I was able to assemble and get working in just 45 minutes.

Despite costing just $370, the Creality CR-10 can compete with 3D printers which cost ten times that price. This bargain 3D printer can print with a layer thickness of 0.05mm, and has a huge build volume for the price, at 300 x 300 x 400 mm. It’s not the prettiest, but it dominates its competitors in its price range and has a devoted following as a result.

It’s also worth noting that when I have used this printer it has smelled slightly toxic when printing plastic, so it may be worth keeping it in a separate room when printing with the Creality CR10.

best cheap 3d printer creality cr-10 cr10
The Creality CR-10 has a reputation for being the best cheap 3D printer for the price.

8 — Wanhao Duplicator 7 V1.5

Wanhao are a Chinese 3D printer manufacturer who have released their Duplicator 7 V1.5 3D printer to great acclaim. Unlike most of the printers on this list, the Wanhao Duplicator uses stereolithography technologies, to create parts more quickly and accurately than with fused deposition modeling.

  • This article is intended to be a short introduction into various low-cost 3D printers and therefore saying “stereolithography is more accurate than fused deposition modeling” may not make sense. Therefore, we’ve created a more detailed FDM vs SLA 3D printing comparison.

This DLP 3D printer has a smaller build area than its competitors on this list due to the nature of stereolithography, but can print with an XY resolution of up to 50 microns. Despite the low price, this cheap resin 3D printer comes with its own software and can be used with third party slicers.

best cheap 3d printer wanhau duplicator
The Wanhao Duplicator is the only resin 3D printer on this list, and one of the best cheap DLP 3D printers.

7 — AnyCubic Photon S

Similar to the ELEGOO Mars, when it first came out people couldn’t understand that a resin printer that cheap could be reliable and accurate. The original AnyCubic Photon proved doubters wrong, and the second iteration, the Photon S, builds on its strengths while also patching up issues.

There are two main upgrades in the Photon S: larger Z axis meaning you can build taller resin prints; and better stability, leading to better quality prints. The result is a reliable, accurate and precise cheap resin printer that can print well enough for almost any hobbyist’s goals.

anycubic photon s cheap 3d printer lcd resin

6 — Tronxy X5SA Pro

One area that resin printers cannot compete with cheap FDM printers on it build volume. Even an expensive resin printer cannot print the sizes that the Tronxy X5SA Pro can — 330 x 330 x 400 mm! — so we recommend the Tronxy to anyone looking for a large 3D printer.

It competes with the Creality CR10 in a similar price and size range, and we rate both printers highly. The Pro version of the Tronxy X5SA is more stable, due to being built out of stronger materials — mostly aluminium rather than acrylic — helping print more accurate prints. It’s accurate to around 125 microns so it can’t compete with resin printers for accuracy, but that’s the tradeoff when you go for a FDM kit rather than a resin printer.

If you want to print huge vases or statues, definitely go for the Tronxy X5SA or Creality CR10 (or Creality CR10 MAX!).

tronxy x5sa pro cheap 3d printer kit

Part 3: Best 3D Printer Under $1000

5 — QIDI Tech X-Pro

The first printer by QIDI to make one of our rankings, the X-Pro is a dual extruder 3D printer that QIDI believe is perfectly suited for educating students on 3D printing. It can be easily connected to your WiFi to print wirelessly, or you can just plug in a USB — though it isn’t portable, weighing 23kg.

The X-Pro features a large 4.3 inch touchscreen, so navigating the options and using the printer is simple. Perhaps most importantly however, the printer comes with an innovative curved metal plate, making removing models post print far easier. Easier removal means less scarring to the print when scraping it off the build platform, and therefore better surface quality. Overall, it’s a stellar low cost 3D printer.

QIDI tech x pro x-pro cheap 3d printer

4 — Prusa i3 MK3S Best 3D Printer

This wouldn’t be a valid list without the inclusion of the beast, the Prusa i3. We didn’t specify a specific Prusa i3 model, because frankly, all of them could make this list so we included them all within their category. Another DIY 3D printer kit based on the RepRap philosophy, the Prusa i3 sports a print volume of 250 x 210 x 200 mm, and weighs just over 6kg.

Prusa 3D printers are meticulously designed to be as simple and effective to use as possible. Accurate up to a layer resolution of 50 microns, the Prusa i3 is a precise, cheap 3D printer which dominates its RepRap 3D printer competitors. You can either buy the Prusa fully assembled for around $999 or build your own for around $749. Overall, the king of 3D printer kits, the Prusa is simply marvelous.

best cheap 3d printer prusa i3 mk3s
Costing under $1,000, the Prusa i3 printers are some of the best cheap 3D printers around.

3 — Dremel Digilabs 3D20

American company Dremel have more history than any other company on this list, having been formed way back in the Great Depression. They’ve pivoted and now make 3D printers, including the Dremel 3D20, featuring a user-friendly touchscreen, closed build chamber, but is only compatiable with PLA filament.

The closer build chamber is important, as it reduces noise, and keeps the temperature of the print more stable, therefore reducing warping through differential cooling. Moreover, the Dremel 3D20 comes with Dremel Digilabs 3D slicer software (based on Cura) for simple and effective printing.

dremel digilabs 3d20 cheap 3d printer

2 — Flashforge Creator Pro

Chinese 3D printer manufacturer Flashforge are well-known for making some of the best cheap 3D printers of the last few years, including the Adventurer 3, Dreamer, Hunter, and now the Creator Pro. This dual extruder 3D printer offers a number of upgrades on other models but still costs just under $1,000.

With a minimum layer thickness of 0.1mm, the Creator Pro is fairly accurate for the price. This cheap 3D printer also has a good print volume of 225 x 145 x 150 mm, easily enough for casual printing. The Flashforge Creator Pro is overall a consistent and reliable option for anybody looking for a dual extruder 3D printer.

best cheap 3d printer flashforge creator pro

1 — Monoprice Voxel

The Monoprice Voxel is another great yet inexpensive printer. Unlike most of the printers on this list, it has a closed chamber, meaning temperatures can be regulated more easily and therefore less warping occurs when printing. It’s also very accurate, with a minimum 50 micron layer height.

A feature we in particular found interesting was how easy it is to change the Monoprice Voxel’s print nozzle. To change the nozzle it requires no tools and takes just a few seconds; a far cry from some that can take 30 mins. The 150 x 150 x 150 mm is fine for all but the biggest prints, and overall we find the Voxel to be a consistent jack-of-all-trades 3D printer.

monoprice voxel cheap 3d printer

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