Best Dual Fuel Generators Reviews

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Best Dual Fuel Generators Reviews
Best Dual Fuel Generators Reviews

There is a lot of confusion on whether or not it is worth investing in a generator. Perhaps you have just found yourself in an unfortunate position where the power has been turned off and you are left wondering what your options are. At this difficult time, you might want to consider purchasing one of the Best Dual Fuel Generators available today.

We will review 10 high quality dual fuel generators that can provide reliable power solutions for any disaster or emergency situation. Dual Fuel Generators are an excellent solution for power outages such as hurricanes. They can be used both on Gasoline and Electricity, providing backup to a complete blackout of the power grid.

All in all, Dual Fuel Generators provide an efficient and affordable way to reduce your dependence on fossil fuels while reducing the likelihood of serious power outages such as hurricanes.

Top 10 Best Dual Fuel Generators Reviews

Dual fuel generators comes handy when there is an emergency power cut occurs. Here I and my team of Generator Xpert have put top 10 of our favorite dual fuel generators.

  1.  Westinghouse WGen3600DF Dual Fuel Portable Generator Review

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The Westinghouse WGen3600DF Dual Fuel Portable Generator is one of the Best Small Dual Fuel Generators. It produces up to 4650 watts of power. It has a powerful OHV gas engine and a standard gasoline line connected. There are multiple tabs that can be adjusted to fit your needs and that can be accessed through a cover.

The generator is great for camping or emergency use, but also works well for everyday use as it is the most affordable on the list at an affordable price. The generator is CARB Compliant and RV ready. It can power a whole home in the case of a blackout or hurricane, and it does it with style.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Fuel capacity: 1.4-gallon gas tank, 0.9-gallon liquid propane tank
  • Carb compliant for using both gas and LP
  • Short circuit and low voltage protection



    • Does not come with a battery or charger which is sold separately
    • Confusing owner’s manual
    • Does not have good instructions on how to set up the plugs to match your needs (i.e. outlets, switches, etc

2. Westinghous WGen9500DF Duel Fuel Generator Reviews 

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Here is another Westinghouse product on our list of top 10 Best Dual Fuel Generators. The WGen9500DF Dual Fuel Generator is an amazing generator that provides you with enough power to keep your appliances and devices running for nearly 12 hours.

It runs on a 4-cycle OHV engine, and it has industrial quality mufflers that reduce the noise level by 50%. It is CARB Compliant, as well as CSA Certified. If you need a reliable generator that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, this is the one for you.

The WGen9500DF Dual Fuel Generator also comes with remote control for starting and stopping at the push of a button. Of course, there are other convenient features that make this generator one of the best on the list.


  • Durable engine with low emissions and fuel consumption
  • Fuel capacity: 6.6-gallon gas tank, 1.3-gallon liquid propane tank
  • Can run on gas and propane with a dual power switch to convert from gas to propane or back again
  • Front cover is easy to remove for servicing access to the engine
  • Quiet operation (50% reduction in sound level)


  • Does not come with a battery or charger which is sold separately

3. Champion Power Equipment 76533 – Best Outdoor Dual Fuel Generator 

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With a durable 4 stroke OHV gas engine and an impressive 3800-watt continuous power output, this Champion Power Equipment generator is a high quality dual fuel generators on the market today. It can run for 8 hours at half load.

The generator has overload and low oil shutdown protected as well as circuit breakers to prevent any damage or accidents from occurring due to overuse or lack of oil or gas. Engine oil changes are easy to do as the engine comes with an oil pump and a 0-1/2-quart oil reservoir.

It also features a built in mobile cart that is very convenient and saves space when you’re in an emergency situation. Lastly, the generator comes with a sturdy steel frame that gives it structural integrity and ensures that it can withstand any storm or natural disaster.


  • Three different control panels to choose from
  • Batteries for the generator can be used separately to power other things such as flashlights, radios, TVs, etc.
  • Simple to use control panel with just 10-button operation (plus the optional remote control)
  • Two AC outlets


  • Carburetor is not CARB compliant. You’ll have to purchase one separately in order to run on propane
  • Some customers complain that even though it runs well for many years, the carburetor eventually clogs up and starts leaking gas which results in a fire. This happens very quickly and can be frustrating.

4. DuroMax XP13000EH – Best Home Dual Fuel Generator

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The DuroMax XP13000EH dual fuel generator is one of the best generators for emergency situations because it has a 6.5 gallon gas tank and a 1.3 gallon liquid propane tank.

This means that the generator can run on either gas or propane for up to 14 hours without having to refuel, or you can use both fuels at the same time. This is ideal if you live in an area where power outages occur often, or if you’re going camping and want to ensure that there will be power wherever you go.

The DuroMax XP13000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator is an attractive unit that includes several premium features. The generator has a Lithium Ion battery that provides you with enough power for 12 hours of standby or 6 hours of continuous use. It is also CSA certified, as well as CARB Compliant.

The wheel kit for the generator makes it easy to transport with no effort at all. The kit includes two locking wheels and a separate set of handles that makes moving the generator comfortable and easy on your back.

The DuroMax XP13000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator is quite heavy at 209 pounds, so some people might find moving it a bit of a challenge when it comes time to take it out of storage, or to transport it. It’s definitely not something you can pick up and move unless you’re strong enough.

You may want to consider installing the wheel kit and using two people to move the generator if you don’t have easy access to a power source that is only a few feet away at most.


  • Relatively quiet operation.
  • Easy to hook up to a transfer switch power receptacle.
  • Fuel gauge and low oil shut off, with an automatic re-prime system.
  • Easy to transport
  • Includes a battery charger


  • Quite heavy

5. A-iPower Dual Fuel Generator

A-iPower Dual Fuel Generator

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With the A-iPower Dual Fuel Generator, you get a generator that is perfect for on-the-go use. This model is a dual fuel generator and can produce 12000 watts. This is one of the Best CARB-Compliant Dual Fuel Generators in our list.

The A-iPower Dual Fuel Generator offers the best of both worlds: freedom and flexibility, along with easy power. With this multifunctional generator, you’ll never have to worry about your power needs again.


  • Sturdy Construction
  • Variety of settings for different technologies including: AC, DC, and 120V
  • Digital readout that shows the exact amount of energy remaining in the unit’s battery


  • Not for medium size camper

6. Firman H03651 – Best RV Dual Fuel Generator

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With the Firman H03651 Portable Generator, you’ll get all the power you need to keep your appliances running in an emergency or whenever there’s a power outage.

This generator can produce up to 3650 watts and has a strong 4 stroke 29 cc OHV engine that provides plenty of power for the units on your emergency list (i.e. refrigerator, lights, TV, etc.). It runs on both gas and propane, making it a true dual fuel generator.

There are multiple options for the electrical outlets as well. You can plug in 1 or 2 electronic devices that have remote controls, while others may require an extension cord.

All outlets stay protected by a circuit breaker that will cut of power to the outlet when it exceeds 80% of full capacity. In order to relock the circuit breaker and save your appliances, you’ll have to press the button or push a button on the remote control (included with the unit).

Lastly, this generator has built in wheels making it easy to move around anywhere you need to go. It’s not too heavy either so moving it isn’t a problem.


  • Can run on either gas or propane
  • Digital readout for accurate monitoring of the generator’s power


  • Some complains about battery

7. Champion Power Equipment 200961 – Best Electric Start Dual Fuel Generator

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The Champion Power Equipment 200961 Dual Fuel Generator is a 2500 watt generator that will run on both gas and propane for up to 12 hours.

It’s got an impressive 150cc 4-stroke OHV engine that provides all the power you’ll need when it comes to staying connected whether at home or during an emergency. It has an overload protection system as well as low oil shut down, and it comes with a ¾, 1-quart oil reservoir.

The wheels included are lockable and provide excellent stability when the generator is in use while it’s on the ground or mounted on a stabilizer kit.

The controls are easy to use and have a wide range of programmable settings, such as timers, cooling down functions, etc.

The generator’s exhaust is completely enclosed and recirculated in order to minimize noise levels.


  • Easy to transport (weighs 104 pounds)
  • 120V AC outlet, which is perfect for small appliances and personal electronics such as cell phones, laptops, radios, etc.
  • The handle can be folded down for easy transport


  • It does not include an oil change kit and can oil the engine only through the spark plug holes (which will require re-cleaning in order to use again)

8. Champion Dual Fuel Generator

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With the Champion Dual Fuel Generator, you’ll get a generator that is perfect for on-the-go use. It’s a dual fuel generator and can produce 3400 watts.

The Champion Dual Fuel Generator offers the best of both worlds: freedom and flexibility, along with easy power. With this multifunctional generator, you’ll never have to worry about your power needs again. This is one of the Best Portable Dual Fuel Generators on our list.


  • Sturdy Construction
  • Variety of settings for different technologies including: AC, DC, and 120V
  • Digital readout that shows the exact amount of energy remaining in the unit’s battery
  • Easy to transport. Not too heavy either so moving it isn’t a problem.


  • Not include a battery charger so you have to buy a separate one for your battery.


9.  Champion 200914 – Top Dual Fuel Generator for Home

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With the Champion 200914 Portable Generator, you’ll get a generator that is perfect for on-the-go use. It’s a dual fuel generator and can produce 4000 watts.

It will run on either of two fuels: gasoline or propane. Gasoline was chosen because it’s less expensive than propane but still provides enough power to run most household needs.

It has an overload protection system as well as low oil shut down, and it comes with a ¾, 1-quart oil reservoir.

10. All Power America APGG4750GL – Best 4000 Watt Dual Fuel Generator

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The All Power America APGG4750GL is a dual fuel generator, capable of producing up to 4000 watts of power. It’s got a strong 250cc 4-stroke OHV engine that provides plenty of power for the units on your emergency list (i.e. refrigerator, lights, TV, etc.).

Because it runs on either propane or gasoline and can switch between them quickly and easily with a flick of the switch, this generator is perfect for those who are looking for versatility in their backup electricity supply system at home or in the workplace.


What is a Dual Fuel Generator?

A dual fuel generator is a type of portable generator that runs on two sources of fuel. The most popular styles run on gasoline and propane. The other type of generator runs on gasoline or diesel, depending on the brand.

How does a dual fuel generator work?

These generators have two fuel tanks. One holds propane/natural gas, and the other holds gasoline. When you want to switch from one fuel to the other, all you have to do is flip a switch. An automatic transfer switch will ensure that your generator always receives the fuel it needs first.

Advantages of a dual fuel generator

You’ll have a backup power supply system that won’t leave you in the dark if you run out of gas or propane. If this happens, you can simply switch over to another tank and continue running your appliances without any delay in power.

It’s also important to note that not all portable generators are dual-fuel generators. Some brands are just dual-fuel, while others are dual-fuel with additional features like inverters.

Dual Fuel Generators are Economical

While these generators are more expensive than models that only run on propane or gas, they are an economical way to power your essential appliances in your home or business.

If you have a generator on hand and use it only on special occasions, you’ll be able to cut utility bills by reducing the amount of power you spend using unnecessary equipment. On average, dual fuel generators save money for businesses or households by over 30 percent!

If you’re a business owner, a dual fuel generator could be the perfect answer to the question of electricity cost savings. Businesses with single-use electric devices and large air conditioning units can see energy costs instantly rise when power outages occur.

This is especially true for seasonal businesses like construction and landscaping companies, whose work depends on power tools and other devices that need electricity.

When it comes to air conditioning, a dual fuel generator can help keep your business productive during an outage. You won’t have to shut down if the power goes out—you’ll be able to keep your team at work.

If you have fans as backup, they will provide cool air in the summer when you most need it. Fans will also keep workers comfortable while they wait for the power to come back on.

They are Easy to Use

Dual fuel generators are easy to use and maintain. Like all gasoline-powered devices, they require some regular maintenance. This includes adding gasoline or propane on a regular basis as well as checking the oil.

Both of these processes are quick and easy, taking only minutes to complete. Dual fuel generators usually come with an instruction booklet that explains the process in detail.

In addition, dual fuel generators have easy pull recoil start up and controls that are user friendly and intuitive.

Easy to maintain

A dual fuel generator is easy to maintain because you do not have to do any maintenance on the engine itself. You do, however, have to maintain the engine’s fuel tank and filters.

To add fuel to your tank or change the oil, you can easily reach into the generator and grab a filter or pour in gas without bending over. If you need a replacement filter for your air conditioner or furnace, it will be easy to find one at any retail store that sells propane supplies.

At most stores, purchasing filters for a dual-fuel generator is as simple as buying one for an ordinary car.

Quality performance

A dual-fuel generator will provide reliable performance even if its fuel tanks are empty. It’s possible for a dual-fuel generator to work in this manner with the help of a gravity pump system. This means that you only have to refill it when the tanks are almost empty.

Dual fuel generators are economical and provide quality performance. Whether you have a dual fuel generator or not, you can rest assured that any power outage will be interrupted by your household appliances and electronics.


Portable dual-fuel generators are great for on-the-go use. If you travel for your job or to summer school, you’ll love how compact and lightweight they are. They won’t take up much space in your car or truck because they weigh less than 50 pounds.

In addition, dual fuel generators don’t take up much space at home because they usually come with a carrying case that can be used for storing the generator when it isn’t in use and when it is being transported.

Do You Need a Dual Fuel Generator?

Many households and businesses have small generators on hand to power some of their vital electrical equipment during an emergency. If you’re a business owner, your equipment may include air-conditioners, energy-efficient lighting, computers, and other electronic equipment.

If you constantly work in the summer or want to provide a comfortable office environment year-round, an air-conditioning unit, as well as energy-saving light bulbs, is a must.

Sometimes these small generators are enough to power these appliances but it’s not always reliable. You can augment your existing generator with dual-fuel technology for extra safety and security in the event of a power outage.

What to consider before you buy the best Dual fuel generators

Before you buy a dual fuel generator, make sure that it’s appropriate for your needs. The best way to determine this is to determine what you plan to use it for. For example, if you’re planning on using the generator during an emergency, look at the wattage output. If it’s more than 4,000 watts, then you probably want a dual fuel generator.

If you run your air conditioner or other vital appliances year-round then buy a bigger model. If you aren’t using your A/C unit all the year or just run it when the weather dictates then a smaller model will do the job for less money and less gas consumption.

You’ll also need to consider the size of your home. If you have a small house, you’ll be able to plug in all your household appliances with a smaller model of generator.

Another deciding factor is how fast you want the unit to start up and stop. If you don’t want it to take long at all, then look for dual fuel generators that are very light and compact so that they can easily be moved from place to place.

If this is something important for using your generator frequently, you should also look at models that are quieter or have a quiet engine run time so that neighbors won’t complain about the noise.

If you have a dual fuel generator, you’ll need propane and gasoline. The propane for your generator will be much less expensive than gasoline so it’s a good idea to buy large tanks if you can, especially if your home or business is off the grid. Propane is also more eco-friendly. Depending on where you buy your propane tank there may be a delivery fee but this will vary depending on the size of the tank and where you live.

Check if the generator produces less noise. Many customers who buy a generator complain about the noise it produces. However, there are some generators that produce less noise. The cheaper ones are usually noisier than the expensive ones.

You can also buy a soundproof generator cover to be used when it is in operation. These covers can prevent noise produced by the generator from entering the cab and disturbing those who are riding in its vicinity.

Does your Dual fuel generator contain safety features?

It is important that you choose a generator that has necessary safety features such as overload protection, oil sight glass to check for oil level, and indicator lights for use at night so you won’t accidentally overfill or start-up without filling manually first.

Recoil Cord vs. Electric Start – What to choose when buying generators

Dual fuel generators come with two types of starting methods: recoil and electric start. The main difference between a recoil-start generator and an electric-start one is that the former needs to be pulled manually in order to start it up, while the latter is started by pressing a button.

The majority of dual fuel generators sold today use electric starters, which makes them more convenient for homeowners. They don’t need to start their generators manually if they have electricity at home or just want to make their job easier. These generators also provide greater run time and performance.

If you buy a generator for emergency use or business purposes, however, recoil-start generators will be a better choice. Since they don’t have an electric starter, the generator needs to be pulled manually before it can start up.

The benefit of this is that when you’re running the generator in your garage or outdoors on a stabilizer kit, you can take it from position to position without having to worry about the motor overheating and damaged due to prolonged exposure.

It’s also easier for homeowners who want an extra power supply than one that requires them to pull out their own manual starter cord every time they want to start up their unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are dual fuel generators worth it?

Depending on your usage and specific needs, dual fuel generators can provide you with more value for your money than non-dual fuel models.

Because some of the most common types use propane instead of gasoline as their secondary fuel, you’ll get the extra benefit of energy efficiency in your home or business.

Propane is considered to be a clean-burning liquid gas and produces less carbon dioxide than traditional fuels like oil and gas. This means that you’re reducing pollution in your home and helping to protect the environment at the same time.

2. Are dual fuel generators reliable?

These generators are reliable as long as they’re properly maintained and serviced. You should check the oil and filters regularly to ensure that you don’t run your generator without fuel. If you have a gasoline-only model, you’ll need to refill it with fuel when necessary.

3. Are dual fuel generators safe?

You are going to need the safety precautions that come with any gasoline-powered device, but dual fuel generators are especially important for people who do construction work or live in areas without easy access to emergency services during power outages.

Because they’re underground and may drain into public utilities, these devices should be well maintained and free from defects that can cause fires or explosions.

3. Can dual fuel generator run on natural gas?

Some dual fuel generators can run on natural gas as their second fuel. This is a luxury that you should consider if you have a generator on hand and plan to use it for your home or business.

Natural gas produces less emissions than traditional fuels like oil and propane so this is an important consideration during power outages.

4. Where to buy dual fuel generator?

You can buy a dual fuel generator online or from an electrical supply store in your area. If you’re buying one from a local store, you should make sure that the unit has the manufacturer’s tag on it to confirm that it is new and not a refurbished model.


There are many dual fuel generators available in the market today. Customer feedback is important before you go to buy a generator.

Most of the dual-fuel generators above have more than 4,000 watts, so they’re perfect for use during power outages caused by hurricanes and winter storms. If you live in areas prone to flash flooding, you should look for generators that are resistant to water damage.

Hope you now have a guide to find the best dual fuel generators.



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